See all of your cross-references with CrossrefReporter

Do you need to see all of the cross-references in your book in one place? You can now with CrossrefReporter. CrossrefReporter is an ExtendScript script that creates a table of all of the cross-references in a book. Each row displays the document name, the cross-reference text, and the page number of the cross-reference. Not only that, but you will see the name of the document containing the companion Cross-Ref marker and its page number. There are hyperlinks to both the cross-references and the markers so you can quickly navigate to them. The report table can be sorted and edited to make it more useful to you.

CrossrefReporter Report

In addition, you can select a Cross-Ref marker in a document and generate a report of all cross-references in the book that point to it. This is useful when you want to delete content that contains Cross-Ref markers and want to make sure you don’t leave unresolved cross-references.

CrossrefReporter works with FrameMaker 10 or higher and DOES NOT require FrameScript. CrossrefReporter is only $19 and is available at my online store. You can download the documentation here.

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