RunaroundNone Released as an ExtendScript Script

My plugin, RunaroundNone, has been rewritten as an ExtendScript script for FrameMaker 10 or higher. It changes the default Runaround Properties on imported graphics to “Don’t Run Around.” When graphics are imported into FrameMaker, their Runaround property is normally set to “Run Around Contour.”

This can cause callout text frames placed on top of graphics to behave strangely; for example, the text can disappear or be displaced in the text frame. This makes sense because the purpose of “Run Around” is to cause text to flow around a graphic in a FrameMaker layout. In reality, though, this is a seldom used feature in FrameMaker and it is surely not what you want when you are placing callout text on top of a graphic inside an anchored frame. So it is best to have this set to “Don’t Run Around” for your imported graphics.

RunaroundNone automatically takes care of this for you whenever you import a graphic. For existing graphics, RunaroundNone adds a new command under the Graphics menu to set all of them to “Don’t Run Around” at once. Click here to see the documentation. RunaroundNone is only $19 and is available at our online store.

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