Renaming DITA Map Topics

I have a client using MIF2Go to generate DITA from unstructured FrameMaker documents. They are very happy with the entire process with one exception: They want an easy way to rename the href values in the DITA map, and the corresponding topics on disk. I have proposed a set of FrameScript scripts that will automate the process. The script proposes new topic names, based on the topicref’s navtitle value. You can have the script automatically use the new names, or you can use a “semi-automatic mode” where the old names and proposed new names are written to and Excel file. Then you can use Excel to fine-tune the new names. A second script quickly applies the spreadsheet names to the DITA map and corresponding topic files.

You can take a look at the documentation here. The cost for the set of scripts is $95 US. To purchase the scripts, please contact


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