A Call for Tips and Tricks

FrameMaker automation is not all about FrameScript and plugins. Sometimes a tip or shortcut can increase productivity, and even small increases add up over time. If you have a FrameMaker tip or trick that you would like to share, please let me know. If I publish one of yours I will give you a free Carmen Publishing Inc. plugin of your choice.

Word 2007 Import Problems

I have seen a couple of problems with the FrameMaker Word 2007 import filter in FrameMaker. It seems that some Word formats do not import correctly like they did with Word 2003. The “by hand” solution is to open the Word 2007 (.docx) files and save them out as Word 2003 (.doc), and then import the Word 2003 files into FrameMaker. This was not an attractive solution for one of my clients that was using FrameScript to import the Word files into FrameMaker.

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Managing FrameMaker Images

Last week, I posted a request on the Framers and FrameScript mailing lists, requesting your “favorite” FrameMaker bottlenecks. By bottlenecks, I mean the tedious, error-prone FrameMaker tasks that you have to perform. Or, it could mean a missing feature that you wish FrameMaker had.

I received a hand full of thoughtful responses, but one request I think would be the most useful would be a way to manage FrameMaker images. Here is an excerpt from the email I received:

My bottleneck is graphics — naming graphics consistently, and then finding and updating graphics in a document/book and getting rid of old graphics no longer used. For example, for a current application to which I am writing, I am having to document a Wizard that does function “X”. I am now on my third iteration of this wizard and all of the pages in the wizard have changed again. I need to recapture 10 screenshots and replace them in my current document. I know that I can save the new captures with the same name as the old captures and in the same location because I import by reference but, that’s not really handy for me because the previous captures are named RunWizard_Page1, RunWizard_Page2, etc. and >>NOW<< the Wizard is going to be named the Project Wizard and so I would like to take new captures name them ProjectWizard_Page1, etc. and somehow get these to replace my old captures rather than having to reimport, save them with the new name and/or delete the old named captures. Am I asking for the moon?

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