FrameMaker 10 ExtendScript: The Object Model

Thank you to all that attended this webinar. I will post the link to the recording as soon as it is available. In the meantime, here is a link to the FrameMaker Object Model chm file and webinar slides:

Here is a link to the FrameMaker 10 FDK:

After you install it, the documentation will be in the docs folder.

Arnis asked about dumping a list of properties for an object. In FrameScript it is easy:

Set oDoc = ActiveDoc;
// Write the properties to the Console.
Write Console oDoc.Properties;

With ExtendScript, you can use a function; in this case, I am writing to the JavaScript Console instead of the FrameMaker Console:

var doc = app.ActiveDoc;
writePropsToConsole (doc);

function writePropsToConsole (object) {

  for (var name in object) {
    // Write the properties to the JavaScript Console.
    $.writeln (name + ": " + object[name]);

Please let me know if you have suggestions for future webinars. Thanks again for all your support.


8 thoughts on “FrameMaker 10 ExtendScript: The Object Model”

  1. Hi Rick,

    Just wondering if you have used Extendscript to find an element.
    I can send a screenshot showing errors for propVal.

    I used search parameters that I got from Adobe, but maybe I still have something wrong.

    – Mark Murray

  2. Hi Mark, I am sorry about that. Try the link again and it should work. Thanks for your interest.

  3. Hi Rick,

    The link to the .chm file is dead. Could you please update it? What’s the difference between the .chm file and the object reference PDF file available on the Adobe site?

    Thank you in advance!

    Kind regards,

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