Now Available: ConvertDocs!

I am excited about a new script I just released: ConvertDocs. It is designed to convert FrameMaker documents and books in batches.

  • Convert FrameMaker documents and books to earlier versions.
    This is useful for exchanging documents with those using earlier versions of FrameMaker.
  • Convert FrameMaker documents and books to MIF or MIF 7.
    Translation vendors often require MIF files for their translation software.
    Quickly “mif-wash” problem documents.
  • Convert from MIF files to FrameMaker documents and books.
    Convert localized MIF files back to FrameMaker documents and books.
  • “Upconvert” older FrameMaker files to the current version you are using.
    After updating FrameMaker, convert your documents and books to the latest version.
  • Easily localize ConvertDoc’s interface.

Here is a screenshot of the interface:

Here is the interface localized to German by Klaus Daube. Thank you Klaus!

Here is ConvertDocs documentation. For a limited time, you can purchase a single license for $24 and a site license for $124. Hurry, the sale won’t last long!

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