Automatic backup on save

A recent post on the Framers list asked if the Automatic Backup on Save location (Edit > Preferences) could be changed. It can’t with stock FrameMaker, but I have written a simple event script that will do it for you. The backup folder you specify has to be hard-coded into the script, but I may enhance it later by adding a settings file or a dialog box where you can specify the location.

Download the script here and unzip and copy it to


where <UserName> is your Windows login name and <VersionNumber> is the FrameMaker version number (2015 = 13; 2017 = 14; 2019 = 15; etc.). Note that if the startup folder does not exist, you have to create it.

Open the script with a text editor and change the path on line 18 to the desired backup folder on your system. Note that backslashes must be doubled in the path. Do not include backslashes at the end of the path.

Save the script, and quit and restart FrameMaker. Open and edit a document and then save it. Every time you save a FrameMaker document, you will get a copy in the backup folder you specified.

To disable the script, remove it from your startup folder.

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